About Me!

Welcome to my sustainability blog!

My name is Vanessa McFarlane and I am a sustainability professional and advocate who recently transitioned into the industry! This website is all about sustainable living and sustainability facts, with the occasional adventurous photos! I will also be featuring other industry professional’s works and articles. I live in Denver, Colorado (where I was born) and have lived all of the country. I grew up in Arizona and went to school in Massachusetts, where I spent a lot of my adult life. I moved to Florida in 2018 to pursue my masters in Sport Management at Florida State. It was at Florida State where I began to research sustainability issues in business, specifically sports, and decided to pursue a career path in sustainability. I have been on a mission since leaving Florida to build my niche, find meaningful work, and help others realize how easy and cost-efficient a sustainable lifestyle really is! I’m also a marketer and writer (hence, why I decided to start a blog!) and a BIG outdoor enthusiast. I love to snowboard, hike, kayak, and hopefully soon, mountain bike! I also have a wonderful boyfriend who moved to Colorado with me and we’ve been together for over two years! Sports, the outdoors, family and friends, and the future are all reasons why I want to do better for the planet and help others do better too!

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